Welcome to my epub creator!

Type in a list of urls separated by newlines and this site will grab them, images and all, and put them into a epub that you can download at your leisure. They will be cleaned up periodically so don't expect them to be held here.

If you wish to test what a page will look like, this site uses the article-parser library on the backend. Therefore you can use this example site to test how it works.

You can view sample books below:

Note that anything not beginning with http or https will be skipped. Any URLs that fail download will also be skipped. Some articles may not include images due to parsing issues but most should be fine.

You may get all URLs attached to a page below, then copy-paste -- with edit! -- above. This is useful for blogs


This site was created by Vincent A Saulys for use by the public. The source code can be seen here on github for downloading. Cheers!